Hello friends, I’m not going to give a sob story, and I know I’ve been pushing a lot of stuff lately with commissions and the two books—every bit of which honestly really helps me out and thank you so much everyone who bought them, you will get them soon!—but I just put a bunch more original drawings on my shop and I’ll just say: boy howdy, I could really use the money, for honest-to-goodness legitimate, serious things. If you’ve been thinking about buying something from me, even after all my wheelin’ and dealin’ with the other stuff lately, I can’t tell you how much I’d appreciate it! 

All the photos on there look terrible because I only have my cell phone camera, but I assure you everything looks much nicer in person! And there’s a ton of older drawings on there too. Also I’ve still got 7 of the drawings book left and 25 of the nsfw one.

(I’ll quit bugging everyone about this soon because I’m just going to get a real job)

my shop

Hey everyone! Help out a great artist if you can. :)

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Alberto Varanda

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Nicholas K

With a self-described style of “urban nomad”, the brother and sister team of Nicholas K (Nicholas and Chris) is combining the elements of nature with edgy design, producing a smoldering addition to the Capitol fashion aesthetic.  Nic herself puts special emphasis on materials, stating “Using natural resources helps personify what the Nicholas K man or woman is about.” Creating trends rather than predicting them, this duo concentrates on ready-to-wear styles that feel great and look phenomenal.  

Says Chris, “Life is about education- gaining experiences and trying to be aware of our world […] We value unique experiences and owning things that are well made and have a great sense of balance.  Integrating utility, design and craftsmanship- when you do these things well customers can feel it.  When [you] buy something that incorporates these things you celebrate it indefinitely, and it enhances your experiences.  We hope that’s what we can offer.” 


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A piece I’m showing at CFA Gallery, opening this Saturday!! :) 

"Chinatown" acrylic on panel 16x20"

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Zelda Reorchested: Soundscapes Vol. III

A Link to the Past: Rain Scene

I wonder if this song will play at any point in ALBW, should there be a rainy scene.

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I made this comic a while ago (last year?) and never got to post it for some reasons.

If you like this I have other comics for sale HERE that you might like too!

Ian your comics are always so perfect!!!!!!

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I met Saskia online about 7 years ago. She was just a young student, primarily painting. Blown away by her work, I commissioned her to collaborate on several pieces together. She has since grown into an unthinkable creature of illustrious beauty and grace. Humbling, elegant and frighteningly good all at once. She remains one of my favorite artists, as I hope we can work together again in the future. Ladies and gents: Saskia Gutekunst. http://www.saskiagutekunst.com

the 6th one down from the top. jeez.

welp, i give up


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